Saturday, September 14, 2013

Meet Team Ητα!

Wow! Wow wow WOW! Greece is incredible! There's so much to write about. Not surprisingly, sitting down to write blog posts has been lower on the priority list for a while, but NOW! Now it's getting quite interesting.

A moment to introduce our team, who you'll be reading much about this year:

Jason & Mandie Summers
Judah, Addison, Amelia

Britta Albertson

Allison Doolittle

Kyle Snow
He's newly engaged! His fiance, Lauren, is in Texas and will get to visit us this year!

A blurry Jennifer Pang!
Notice Blurry Britta behind her with a CLEARLY fantastic face.

All of us together! Jennifer isn't blurry, but Allison is hiding. One day, team... One day we'll get a great one.

Intersting tidbit: Jennifer has dark eyes. The other seven (ten with the kids!) of us have light eyes. Blues and greens and maybe a light hazel somewhere. Pretty interesting to sit across the table from all these light-eyed people!

I've asked Kyle how often he thinks we'll be asked if we're siblings. Blonde, fair skinned, blue eyed pair. Definitely siblings. I think we should just say yes if it happens.

The Summers came from living in Missouri. The other 6 of us came from Texas. 5 of us from Austin.

Now, better, more real-life pictures of most of the team.. stolen from Facebook:

Jennifer Pang
Doesn't have a Facebook! Boo. No photos.
Jennifer is brave, a quick language-learner, outgoing, grateful, and a fantastic question-asker.

Kyle Snow (and Lauren Lucas!)

Sweet air guitar, Kyle.


For all you girls who can't help it.

This face. Often, already. For things awkward/uncomfortable.

The happy couple!

Kyle is an observer. He is content to be wherever he is. He LOVES A&M football and shouts at the TV -- which I only learned because he and JT hooked up the laptop to watch the live A&M Alabama game in the Steki. He knows lots of trivia and likes to share relevant facts. I learned a lot about European soccer tonight at dinner!

Britta Albertson
Britta is happy

and silly

and artistic

and uses big gestures

Allison Doolittle
Allison is joyful

and expressive

and thoughtful

and loves hiking!
The Summers
Okay, I couldn't find much on their Facebooks! What professionals...
I really can't find a better photo of them than this. They are so sweet and have SO MUCH personality! 
Mandie is sweet and genuine and patient - a GREAT mom!
Jason is helpful and generous and witty and a loving dad.
They are a great couple. I look forward to learning from them!

Jason is ridiculously tall. 6'4" I think he mentioned once? And this is funny. Doppleganger.

The kids are great - outgoing and content and healthy. I didn't ask permission to post their photos here, so no pictures. The family photo is Mandie's profile picture, so I figured it was a safe choice. 

Addison ("Addie") is 7, I think, and is sweet and happy. She likes to pretend she's a puppy dog, and she cracks jokes! Seriously, she put a stick in her mouth after dinner and ran away barking. She's so funny!! She plays with her brother, and they get along pretty great. She likes to color, and her very favorite color is pink -- ANY pink, she says.

Judah is 5, I think. He is brave and talkative and CONFIDENT. He's happiest when he's right in the middle of the action and even happier when he's the center of attention! Judah is all boy and loved the guys on the team from day one. Judah decides where people sit at the table -- most importantly, which one of us sits next to him. Everyone else is on their own, really. He gets silly jokes, and dishes them right back. A quick game of tag, and you're an instant best friend.

Amelia is 2, I think. She draws lots of attention because she's so CUTE. I haven't gotten to play with her much yet because she's just happy as can be parked in her stroller munching on some pita bread. I look forward to learning more about her little personality. ... Not little. Not with this family. I'm sure it's just as big as her siblings!

Please pray for our team!
For healthy conflict when it arises, for healthy bonds as they form, and for joyful, God-glorifying relationships among us all. 

And there you have Team Ητα - the 7th Athens Stint year and the 7th letter in the Greek alphabet!

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