Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's for dinner? Chipotle. Forever. And God doesn't work inside of boxes.

"Does your blog make you log in a certain way to see all the other posts?" ... No, there's only one post. "Hey! Have you posted anything to your blog this week?" .. No, just the one post. "Is there a way we can keep up with you in Greece more often than once a month letters?" .. Well, if I ever get around to doing more than just one post. "I check your blog every week for new posts!" .. Sounds awfully pointless since there's only one post.

This recent trend in conversation deserves its own hashtag on twitter. #goodtry #getittogether #blogfail #hashtagsworkonfacebooknow

Can a blog in it's entirety be entered into failblog.org? I don't want to know.

To be fair, it's been crazy. I mean, the only people who are working harder than us is anyone with a child. Actually, support raising is exactly like having a child. Too far? Maybe I take it back, but anyone else raising support, feel free to chime in.

So, for the benefit of your understanding and for our own memories, this is a chronological list of the crazy. "How will we ever get all this done?" has turned into "Praise Jesus, we've managed to get all of that done!" giving us hope for the future. Enjoy.

  • 6th: Challenged to consider going to Athens with Cru
  • 7th: Decided and said "YES!"
  • 10th: Applications submitted to Cru WITH REFERENCES from multiple people. (Great job, you folks!)
  • Week of the 15th: Phone interviews and receiving acceptance and placement
  • 19th - 21st: Intern Kickoff Weekend (IKW) 
  • START SUPPORT RAISING CRAZY!! 30 hours per week each. 10 appointments per week. 100 calls per week.
  • 2 Full time jobs
  • Real life like dinner and date night and groceries and laundry and such
  • Church and community obligations to step down from
  • Keep or sell the house?
  • When should Lauren quit full time job to transition into full time support raising?

  • Continuation of
    • Support Raising - lots of calls, appointments almost every evening and weekends full
    • 2 full time jobs
    • Real life like cleaning the bathrooms and showering and more laundry and such
  • Decided to sell the house
  • Sold the house
  • Apply for visas
  • Lauren put notice in at work
  • When should JT be done working?
  • 31st: Lauren's last day of work

  • 1st: Deadline! 15% of support goal dollars!
  • Continuation of
    • Support raising calls & appointments, except crazier because now Lauren's not working full time
    • JT's full time job
    • Real life like showering and sleeping and having friends and stillwiththelaundry and such
  • JT put in notice at work for July 12.
  • 2 full days of purging the house
  • Garage moving sale. Sold:
    • furniture: coffee table, entertainment stand, guest room furniture set, organizational pieces, side tables, tv stands, kitchen table, patio furniture, bookshelf.
    • clothing
    • some kitchen stuff (lots of things are going into storage, specifically wedding gifts)
    • board games, movies, books, jewelry
    • JT's guitars and pedals and sports gear
    • More. so much more.

For the rest of June, we're looking at...
  • 50% deadline of support goal dollars by the end of the month (12 days from the writing of this post)
  • 28th: Close on the house
  • Before the 28th (10 days from the writing of this post): Pack up and move out and into new place, deep clean house, make touchups like painting and fence repair and re-caulking.

Are you overwhelmed? I was. I'm currently overwhelmed just proof-reading all of it. 

I reiterate. Like having a child.

So today, the decorations are off the walls, the house is in a state of piles to be packed or sent to different places, we've eaten chipotle for the past week, and we have 12 days to raise 30% of our entire support goal. 

and yet, when I remember to breathe, God reminds me that all this is temporary. He reminds me that no matter where I am in life that jobs, houses, decorations, and dinner are all temporary. 

He also reminded me through a friend that God doesn't work inside of boxes, and that He, in fact, prefers to work outside of them so that we know it is only He who could have possibly accomplished the task. 30% in 12 days? He's got this. And we will work diligently towards that goal, running the race and persevering.

For now, we need prayer.

  • For generous givers to fill the financial need.
  • For networking. We are running out of people to contact on our own.
  • For the people in Greece. That they'd be physically fed during an economic and hunger crisis and that God would be working in their hearts even now to receive Him and His provision spiritually. 
  • That JT's and my time with the Lord would be frequent and sweet.
  • For our visa situation. Our team currently doesn't have visas or a clear way to get them. Cru is working very hard on this situation, and we are trusting God to move in a big way to provide.
  •  5  4 large suitcases
  • Networking - Names and phone numbers/emails of people who you think would be encouraged to hear our story. Not necessarily people who you think can or would give, but who would you want to tell your story to if you were entering into full-time ministry?
  • Anyone around Austin want to help us move this weekend? Fix up and repair the house next week? Deep clean at the end of next week (Thurs/Friday)?

We really are enjoying this chaotic time. We are remembering to rest and to give up control over our schedules and energy levels. And we're remembering that Chipotle for dinner is an okay thing during this season. God's got all of this in His hands.

Today's dinner. They know us by order.

To give towards our 50% goal, you can make a tax deductible donation. We have two goals: one time gifts and monthly commitments.

Please contact us if you'd like to learn more at mrslaurenbaer@gmail.com

Laundry, however, will never be over. Laundry is not temporary. Laundry is a result of Genesis 3, specifically Genesis 3:7 and is, as such, a piece of hell.


  1. So.... how does a person give?! Is there a website? Because you should totally post it here. IJS. #facebookrecognizeshashtagsbutistillrefusetousethem

    1. Hey! There's a Give tab under the title of the blog that is a direct link to our Cru give site, but I should definitely put it in the post