Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wait, What? (Frequent Responses to Perfectly Normal Questions)

No, you heard right. Moving to Greece. Here: 

Athens, in particular. There:

No, not vacation. Our new jobs are sending us. We'll get to that later...

Yes, a whole year.  Maybe two.  Maybe more.  However long God calls us to be there.  Then after that, we'll go wherever else He says to go! 

We leave around September 1st, pending flight day/time.

Hmm. "Why" is a valid question. The simplest answer is that people need Jesus, and we're not only available but we have the desire to go to be missionaries. Why Athens? Because that's where the need was and is. There was an opening on the team, the timing is right, our heart moves for the culture and people, and we were point blank asked to consider going to join this team. 

How did this happen, you say? 

Imagine a marriage proposal except less romantic, no ring, very little "wooing" effort, and Jennifer wasn't down on one knee. She didn't even buy us dinner first. But she DID say something like, 

"Seriously, I think you should consider coming with me for these reasons:

1) You have a heart for Europe and have considered missions there before.

2) You can articulate the Gospel and you love Jesus.
3) Our team needs men."

In response, we determined the following: 

1) That's true. More on this later. 
2) Also true. 
3) JT is a man. 

Her challenge was the very first of many things that would simply seem to fall into place. We'll get to talk more about this, but suffice it to say God is moving and paving the way. 

For now, we trust Him to do the following practical things that we need:

- Bring a buyer/renter for the house.
- Build a team of financial partners to support His ministry through us.
- Bring an answer for when to faithfully transition into full time support raising.
- Draw us into Himself and sustain us during this overwhelming season.

He is faithful all the time. 

Love, Lauren (& JT!)


  1. Yippppppeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  2. Soooooo you're not even gone yet and I'm already commenting up your blog. love your writing - I can hear your voice saying it, haha!

    1. Hah! Comment away! :) Glad you and Joey like the details of life.